The Reproductive Health Strategy 2012–2016 was prepared by the Reproductive Health Task Force in close collaboration with the Reproductive Health Directorate of the Ministry of Public Health. The work was a collaborative effort, with 12 working groups deliberating on a regular basis over a period of more than three months to identify key elements of the Strategy. These working groups covered the areas of Maternal and Neonatal Health, Birth Spacing/Family Planning, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Infertility, Obstetric Fistula, Breast and Cervical Cancer, RH in Emergencies, Gender, Nutrition, Information Education Communication/Behaviour Change Communication, RH Research, and RH and the Private Sector. In addition, workshops were held in January, June and December 2010. The names of the principal contributors to the revised Strategy are listed in Annex 4.

The Reproductive Health Directorate and the Reproductive Health Task Force would like to extend their sincere thanks to H.E. Dr. Nadera Hayat Burhani, previous Deputy Minister for Health Care Services Provision, and Dr. Ahmad Jan Naiem, Policy and Planning Deputy minister, MoPH, for their continued support and guidance throughout the strategy development process.

The Reproductive Health Directorate is grateful for the input provided by participants in the National Consultative Meeting on the revision of the Reproductive Health Strategy held on 20 and 21 October 2010. Their recommendations have been incorporated into the present document. Finally, the Reproductive Health Directorate and the Reproductive Health Task Force express their appreciation for the support provided by the Consultative Group on Health and Nutrition, the Technical Advisory Group and the Executive Board.