Reproductive Health Morbidity

Reproductive Health Morbidity unit of RMNCAH Directorate is focusing on planning and reporting, communication and coordination, supervision and monitoring, training and development of all reproductive health morbidities. Below are the summery of this unit’s activities: 

  • Planning and Reporting: Developing national plans for obstetric fistula, Breast and cervical cancers, STI/HIV, Infertility and menopause related issues in close coordination with GDPM, NCD, CDC and other partners, participation at RMNCAH strategic planning meetings, contribution to RMNCAH program related documents review and updating process, provide weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual progressive reports.
  • Communication and Coordination: Coordination of establishment and expanding of B&C cancer screening and fistula managing programs to regional hospitals at first steps, leading the technical committees working for obstetric fistula, B&C cancers, STI/HIV, infertility and menopause.
  • Supervision and Monitoring: Regular supervision and monitoring visits from fistula and cancer wards and related training sessions. Collect reports from fistula centers and provide feedback.
  • Training and Capacity Building: Facilitate the process of developing, completing and updating training LRPs and training packages for obstetric fistula, cervical and breast cancers, infertility and menopause.