The Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan places reducing maternal and neonatal deaths and improving the quality of reproductive health among its top priorities. Afghan families deserve the highest possible standards of reproductive health. With this Strategy, the Ministry demonstrates its continued commitment to achieving its goal of making quality reproductive health services available to all families in Afghanistan.

Four components of the Strategy are considered to be of the highest priority: Maternal and Neonatal Health, Birth Spacing/Family Planning, breast and cervical cancer and Sexually Transmitted Infections. Several other areas are included with a view to developing a strategic plan and taking initial steps to implement it during the next five years with the understanding that full implementation is a long-range goal. These areas are Infertility and Obstetric Fistula. Numerous issues were also identified that affect more than one component of the Strategy and sometimes all components. These are treated separately in the document. They are Reproductive Health in Emergency Situations, Gender, Nutrition, Mental Health, Information Education Communication/Behaviour Change Communication (IEC/BCC), Quality Assurance, Reproductive Health Research and Reproductive Health and the Private Sector.