FP2020 3rd Asia Regional Focal Point Meeting

The 3rd Asia Regional Focal Point workshop of FP2020 conducted on October 1-4th on Kathmandu, Nepal.
The purpose of this workshop is to support each country to:
i) identify gaps and challenges to achieving FP2020 commitments and CIP priorities;
ii) prioritize catalytic actions and interventions for the next 18 months using a solution-focused approach; and
iii) strengthen coordination and stakeholder engagement within the country.

To strengthen a solution-focused approach to accelerating progress towards 2020 and beyond through:
• Analyzing progress to identify gaps and challenges;
• Learning from other countries including high impact practices and best practices;
• Prioritizing catalytic actions and interventions for the next 18 months; and
• Reaffirming roles and responsibilities to support coordination and stakeholder engagement

Totally 89 participants form 13 Asian countries attended this important event. Afghanistan team engaged very actively to this program and shared their success, challenges and way forwards.